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Australian Bureau of Statistics Education News (May 2013)  highlights the latest curriculum related teaching resources, student activities and statistical tools that have been developed by ABS Education Services as well as other ABS resources that are useful for schools.

 Some interesting statistics from the ABS Census@School 2012 Questionnaire

  • Boys are nearly three times more likely to be gamers than girls.
  • Using the Internet to share music and photos held equal interest for boys and girls (30%).
  • Communicating with friends and family using email is of less interest to both boys (9%) and girls (15%) compared to social networking.
  • Since 2008, access to the internet and reducing bullying in schools are the only two issues on which students have placed increasing importance.
  • By ranking these issues in order of change, reducing bullying comes out way on top, increasing 265 points from 2008 to 2012.

Also see ABS Education Services for resources to assist educators in communicating to students the importance of using quality statistical data to inform and critically analyse their research.

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Author: rcrellin

Senior Program Officer, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

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