Day of STEM

Day of STEM is a national initiative designed to raise the National IQ for STEM careers by inspiring the next generation of students through a self-guided interactive, online STEM awareness experience called LifeJourney.

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The program delivers free online national cyber security education courses for students to experience a day in the life of Optus’ cyber experts to understand the skills and activities involved in a cyber-attack, and the critical importance in helping Australian organisations combat the growing volume of cyber threats.

The program is available free of charge for all students, parents, teachers and schools in Australia and is recommended for students in Year 7 – University. Part 1 of the program takes approximately 60 minutes of class time to complete, with up to two hours homework available.

By running the Optus Cyber Security Experience with your students in class, you’re not only providing high quality learning resources to your students, you’re also on your way to become a certified Cyber Teacher. This professional development opportunity for Australian teachers includes interaction with our Cyber Teacher mentor and an adaptive learning course that helps prepare you to introduce cyber security into your school.

Upon completing the initial part of the Optus Cyber Security Experience, students can participate in a dynamic set of Cyber Challenges that measure their cyber aptitude and help them to develop baseline knowledge and skills needed to start a career in cyber security.

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