Science and Mathematics Specialist Centres

The network of six Victorian Science and Mathematics Specialist Centres engage students and teachers across the state in contemporary, experiential science, technology, engineering and mathematics, or STEM curriculum. The Centres’ programs are available to all Victorian students and their teachers, whether it be an on-site visit to the Centres, or participating in a virtual program, or having Centre staff coming out and visiting schools through the outreach programs. The Centres are for all Victorian students from Prep–12 with priority given to rural/regional and disadvantaged schools.

The Centres regularly run professional learning. The following programs are currently available:

Professional Leaning at VSSEC 

Professional Learning at Ecolinc – contact Linda Flynn, Director,, to register your interest.

‘Hands on STEM’

Date:                     Thursday 13th March / Wed 14th March

Venue:                 Ecolinc, 17-23 Labilliere St, Bacchus Marsh

Audience:           Primary Teachers

Intent:                  This PD day is for Primary Teachers and will involve a keynote and a range of workshops designed to provide teachers with ‘hands on’ activities that they can take back and implement in their classrooms.  We will also have a couple of primary schools that will showcase good practise examples. The aim of the day is to improve teacher STEM knowledge and practice.


‘Using Science to teach Maths’. 

Date:                     Wed 23rd May

Venue:                 Ecolinc, 17-23 Labilliere St, Bacchus Marsh

Audience:           Primary & Lower Secondary Teachers.

Intent:                  This day is geared to Primary and lower Secondary Teachers and looks at a cross curricular approach. The day will follow a similar format with a keynote and workshops.  The idea behind this is to use science and scientific concepts to teach mathematics skills.


Environment & Sustainability Symposium

Date:                     Monday 18th June

Audience:           Primary & Secondary Teachers

Intent:                  The Symposium will involve a range of high quality experts in the Environment & Sustainability field who will deliver keynotes and workshops. The aim is to broaden knowledge and understanding around key environmental issues that are part of the Victorian Curriculum and VCE.

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Author: rcrellin

Senior Program Officer, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

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