Little Lunch Halloween Special!


The much-loved class of Little Lunch is back for a spook-tacular special this Halloween on ABCME.

Little Lunch: The Halloween Horror Story premieres October 31st, 5PM with a repeat screening on Saturday the 5th November.

The half-hour special episode has already made waves internationally prior to its premiere.
actf_news_little_lunch_halloween_atticus In “The Halloween Horror Story”, Atticus is delighted to be starring in a Halloween-themed school play. But when Atticus’ mother gets a job in Singapore, he discovers that the day of the play will be his last day of school, forever.

The Halloween Horror Story cracks open the heart of the spooky celebration to explore – beyond a scary costume – what it is that children really fear and how they can overcome it.

Little Lunch: The Halloween Horror Story will also be available on ABC iView after its premiere.

Copies of the ACTF publications Care for Kids and Education News are also available for download.

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