Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge

August 17- November 17, 2017

Are you up to the CHALLENGE of creating the VICTORIAN CYBER GENERATION? 

Minister Dalidakis, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, recently announced a ‘Call to Action’ for all Victorian schools and tertiary institutions to register students and complete the Cyber Security Experience. The Victorian Government will award the Victorian schools and tertiary institutions with the highest rate of participation.

Student and teachers can get involved, win prizes and importantly build their confidence with Cyber security skills linked to innovation and technology.

Go to the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge and sign up today to be part of this important initiative offering teachers online free professional development and students’ new understanding and skills in Cyber.

Excited about the Victoria Schools Challenge and want your school involved?
Renee Hoareau, an education specialist, can assist schools with in-class, co-curricular activities, professional learning or online support. Contact Renee at


Get involved in the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge Webinar

Thursday 19 October 4:00pm to 5:00pm 
Presenter: Renee Hoareau
Adobe Connect session

Register NOW at

The Minister for Innovation, Small Business and Trade, the Hon Phillip Dalidakis has a Call to Action to all Victorian schools to participate in the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge. Renee Hoareau will introduce the Challenge and how schools can enrich their STEM curriculum.

  • what, why and how of the 2017 Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge to get your school involved
  • how students participate, what students learn
  • about the free teacher resources
  • how teachers can access free online professional learning gaining a certificate in the Fundamentals of Cyber
  • how to win student and teacher awards prizes

Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge – Optus Cyber Security Experience Webinar

Tuesday 24 October 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Presenter: Renee Hoareau
Adobe Connect session

Register NOW at

The Optus Cyber Security Challenge is the main learning activity for students and teachers in the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge. Renee will introduce student and teacher components of the Day of STEM Program 4.

  • Students
    Learn about me
    Build a Cyber Resume
    Explore Cyber Security mentor journeys
    Field Trips
    Beyond the Optus Cyber Security Experience
  • Teachers
    Teacher Dashboard
    Teacher’s student experience of the Optus Cyber Security Experience
    Student Challenges
    Explore Cyber Security mentors journeys
    Steve Morrill, Cyber Teacher Mentor journey
    Field Trips
    Cyber Teacher
    Cyber teaching resources and links to interdisciplinary learning activities
    CompTIA fundamentals in Cyber online course
    STEM enrichment activities using Cyber as a theme


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