October 30, 2013
by rcrellin

TeachMeet Melbourne

Our guest blogger this week: Mel Cashen

It is a Saturday afternoon at Scienceworks in Spotswood.  Parents and their children are investigating the interactive tools downstairs.  The chatter of learning can be heard throughout the complex.  But not all of it comes from families.  Upstairs in a quiet back room a group of teachers are gathering.  For some it is the first time they have met, for others they are old friends. But they are all there for the same reason.  TeachMeet Melbourne.

 First beginning in the UK, TeachMeets are informal gatherings of teachers who share their ideas, experiences and understandings and now run all over the world and across other cities in Australia. Made up of a series of short 2 minute or 7 minute presentations by teachers, Teachmeets offer teachers an opportunity to learn from others, share their ideas and network with other teachers.

 Teachmeets have been running in Victoria since October 2011 and can be organised by anyone.  Over the last two years TeachMeets have been held at schools, museums, universities, hospitals and next month will see a TeachMeet at an AFL club.  As diverse as the location they are held are the teachers who flock to TeachMeets, which are generally held every 1-2 months.  

 At this particular TeachMeet at the Melbourne Scienceworks there are some speakers who stand up for the first time to talk about QR codes, others who have been regulars at TMs share special projects or the journey of creating a book drive. You never know what you are going to get at a TeachMeet, which is the appeal to the 50 teachers who have come together on a Saturday afternoon.

 But don’t be mistaken for thinking TeachMeets are only about the presentations.  The afternoon tea break allows an opportunity to network with other teachers or ask questions of the presenters. Often there is even an chance to head out for a ‘TeachEat’ afterwards.

 One of the great things about TeachMeets is that it is professional learning by teachers, for teachers. Anyone can come along and will be welcomed into the TeachMeet community.  You don’t have to present but can enjoy the connections, collegiality and learning that happens at each TeachMeet.  

 If you would like to join other teachers at a TeachMeet or host your own, head along to the TMMelb website (http://teachmeetmelbourne.wikispaces.com/) or follow #TMMelb on twitter to see when the next one is and register to be involved.

October 22, 2013
by rcrellin

Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTVic)

Guest Blogger:  Joedy Wallis, ICTEV

We are pleased to announce that the merger of ICTEV and VITTA was voted on by members on Wednesday (ICTEV) and Thursday (VITTA) last week and that members accepted the motion to merge the two Victorian teacher associations to form the new association Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria (DLTVic). The new association will commence on 1 January 2014.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support during this year for the merger.

Both organisations have a proud history of providing leadership and innovation in ICT education and we are certainly excited about the opportunities that the new organisation will be able to offer members especially in terms of preparing as for the Digital Technologies national curriculum.

We are delighted at the prospect of expanding our thinking and exploring innovation and quality education resources and networking opportunities. We are now fully engaged in developing a calendar of events including conferences and professional learning opportunities.

The knowledge is in the network and we want to build upon that to service pre-service teachers to principals in and target early years to careers.

Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria as your professional teachers’ association is set for an exciting inaugural year ahead and we have a very positive vision for the future of ICT in education for all Victorian school.  We want you on board!

How will it work? Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria will come into effect on 1 January 2014. VITTA and ICTEV are offering exactly the same membership categories and membership fees to current members who like to renew this year for 2014. Your ICTEV or VITTA renewal will automatically be rolled over to Digital Learning and Teaching Victoria on 1 January 2014.     DLTVic Membership Renewal information

Nominations for the ICTEV Educator of Year close on Friday 25 October

The ICTEV Educator of the Year award is a state award intended to recognise the importance of the work of Victorian teachers who contributing to the use of information and communication technologies in their schools.

October 9, 2013
by rcrellin

Innovating Pedagogy 2013

Have you heard of MOOCS, crowd learning, maker culture and geo-learning?  Do you know what they are and how they might impact on education?

Innovating pedagogy 2013 is series of reports from the Open University UK that explores new forms of teaching, learning and assessment for an interactive world, in order to guide teachers and policy makers in productive innovation. The report proposes ten innovations that are already in currency but have not yet had a profound influence on education.

Innovating pedagogy 2013 – explores the following:

  • MOOCs:  Massive open online courses
  • Badges to accredit learning: Open framework for gaining recognition of skills and achievements
  • Learning analytics: Data-driven analysis of learning activities and environments
  • Seamless learning: Connecting learning across settings, technologies and activities
  • Crowd learning:  Harnessing the local knowledge of many people
  • Digital scholarship: Scholarly practice through networked technologies
  • Geo-learning: Learning in and about locations
  • Learning from gaming:  Exploiting the power of digital games for learning
  • Maker culture: Learning by making
  • Citizen inquiry: Fusing inquiry-based learning and citizen activism
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