June 24, 2019
by creidy

Register for ICT Planning Workshops in Term 3

Register now for ICT Planning Workshops in Term 3. These workshops provide guidance on the use of the DET Online ICT Planning Tool, which is designed to assist schools in producing a customised ICT Plan that brings together SIPS data, school curriculum goals and budgetary considerations.

The ICT Planning Workshops are targeted at school leaders involved in ICT planning, including: Principals and/or Assistant Principals, Business Managers, eLearning, ICT or LT Managers or Coordinators, Specialist and/or Local Technicians and Leading or Classroom Teachers. DET recommends that two to three attendees from each school attend the workshop and that one attendee is a Specialist Technician to help with technical details.

View this short video where school leaders talk about the benefits of the ICT Planning Workshops  and the online ICT Planning Tool.

ICT Planning Workshop

Designed for first-time attendees, or those needing to refresh their understanding of the tool and the supporting resources, this full-day workshop walks school leaders through the process of developing a long-term school ICT Plan that:

  • addresses the learning and teaching goals of the school
  • is sustainable and meets the needs of the school community
  • ensures a coherent team approach that involves school leaders, ICT coordinators, curriculum coordinators and technical support staff.

Next Steps Workshop

Designed for those who have previously attended an ICT Planning Workshop and are confident using the ICT Planning Tool, this  full-day workshop is for leaders keen to take the next steps in understanding the ICT planning and management cycle to keep momentum growing in their school.  This workshop will cover:

  • review of current ICT plan – what went right, what went wrong
  • key personnel roles and responsibilities
  • Change Management concepts
  • writing proposals and effective communication.

Book now

ICT Planning Workshop Date Booking Link
Blackburn 30 July 2019 Blackburn
Flemington 6 August 2019 Flemington
Bendigo 9 August 2019 Bendigo
Ferntree Gully 13 August 2019 Ferntree Gully
Berwick 16 August 2019 Berwick
Shepparton 20 August 2019 Shepparton
Moe 28 August 2019 Moe


Next Steps Workshop Date Booking Link
Blackburn 23 August 2019 Blackburn


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June 14, 2019
by creidy

iPad in the Primary Classroom

Primary leaders and teachers are invited to attend Apple’s iPad in the Primary Classroom professional development session next Tuesday 18 June 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The sesson will explore using iPads to create interactive, purposeful and engaging experiences for your learners.

This program of events is intended for leaders and educators responsible for years 3-6 in their school. Apple invites you to register three participants from your school:

• A member of your leadership team

• Two teachers of years 3-6

Register now

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June 11, 2019
by creidy

Screen It

Now in its 16th year, ACMI’s Screen It is the largest national moving image competition for students from Foundation to Year 12. Free to enter, Screen It draws together filmmaking, animation and game making, and taps ACMI’s creative industry connections.

Entries open Monday 24 June 2019 (and won’t close until Wednesday 25 September 2019).

New in 2019 – Best Inclusive Team Entry Award

As part of a focus on finding inclusive ways to support and harness the talents of all students, Screen It has introduced a new category in 2019: Best Inclusive Team Entry. The Education team will be hosting a live videoconference on Friday 31 May at 1.45pm to introduce the award and to provide practical advice on how to support learners with cognitive, sensory, physical and social emotional differences to participate in Screen It.

Get involved

Sign up for key Screen It updates and announcements here

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May 23, 2019
by creidy

Young Women Creating Impact

Are you interested in careers using digital technologies and screens? Building enterprise and leadership skills? Join this free ACMI videoconference for secondary school students and their teachers at 11.00am on Monday 27 May 2019.

Find out how you can make a difference, create opportunities and have impact in a world dominated by digital technologies and screens. Hear from Gemma Pepper, a young woman building the enterprise and leadership skills needed to confidently make choices and decisions about the future, along with women leaders who support the social entrepreneurship and learning of young people. Facilitated by ACMI, this interactive videoconference will inspire and encourage young school-age women to see the value of engaging in the Tech School Student Start up Accelerator Program. Join the panel for 30 – 40 minutes of discussion including plenty of time for students to ask questions and share their own ideas.

Gemma Pepper is co-founder of Audioplay and an alumni of ACMI Xcel, ACMI’s business accelerator designed for scaling creative tech start-ups. Since completing the accelerator in 2018, Gemma’s start-up Audioplay has won the PAUSE Festival Creative Business Cup, taken part in the United States’ famous SXSW festival and helped discuss the importance of play at the invite-only LEGO Idea Conference in Copenhagen. Gemma works across diverse creative projects; including theatre, festivals, new media, policy/program development and community cultural development. Gemma is an experienced producer and creative producer having previously worked as Producer for Stalker, Marrugeku,  Big Dance (Australia) 2014 for Sydney Dance Company and Creative Producer of the Enlighten festival in Canberra 2011-2014. Most recently Gemma has been Executive Producer for Erth (Sydney, 2014-16) and continues to produce the works of Side Pony Productions (Perth).

To register for the videoconference, send an email booking request to education@acmi.net.au  ACMI will provide a confirmation email that will include details about who to contact if you have questions.

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May 10, 2019
by creidy

Virtual excursions direct to your classroom

Ecolinc is now offering exciting video conferenced events for schools. Browse STEM Linc to discover adventures, including:
Wednesday 15 May  Great Barrier Reef Live Dive
Tuesday 18 June Under the Sea with Questacon
Thursday 25 July Under the Sea with Questacon

Full details, including links to DET tutorials on using your school’s new Cisco virtual conferencing equipment, are available here

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May 7, 2019
by creidy

Join the Digital Schools Network

Cisco is seeking 15 schools to form part of its Digital Schools Network. These schools will form part of an international group of schools connected through Webex technology.

The network – which includes members from India, Singapre and Japan – will provide student cultural experiences. Member schools will also be able to access free virtual classes run by universities, where students can learn about cyber security, entrepreneurial skills and STEM.

Teachers from member schools will be provided with professional learning and access to a bank of virtual excursions aligned to the DET curriculum. Teachers can also participate in professional Digital Badging program, with credentials provided by the Centre for Interactive Learning and Collaboration.

Cisco will run Education Through Leadership programs thoughout the year for network members.

A mixture of regional and metro schools will be selected. The 15 selected schools will be will be provided with additional Webex training to help them navigate the team space.

Expressions of Interest close Friday 17 May 2019.

Contact edustar.projects@edumail.vic.gov.au for more information.


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May 3, 2019
by creidy

Don’t miss Lynda.com professional learning

On Wednesday 8 May and Tuesday 28 May, Lynda.com will hold professional development sessions in Critical and Creative Thinking and the Digital Technologies Curriculum, designed to help educators harness the program’s newest features.

Lynda.com, from Linkedin, is an internationally reputed online learning resource, featuring video courses taught by experts across software, design and business skills – and it’s available to teachers and secondary students free through the Department.

The program’s newest features include curriculum-aligned playlists and individual school administration rights, which boost Lynda.com’s effectiveness as both a teacher professional development and a student learning tool.

Professional development

Wednesday 8 May
Use Lynda.com to support Critical and Creative Thinking

Tuesday 28  May
Use Lynda.com to support teaching the Digital Technologies Curriculum

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April 30, 2019
by creidy

This Thursday: free digital literacy event

Teachers interested in enhancing digital literacy in the classroom can book now to attend Adobe’s Inject Creativity into the Curriculum Roadshow event this Thursday 2 May 2019, hosted by Camberwell Girls Grammar.

Similar events will be held on Thursday 13 June 2019 in Geelong, and Thursday 15 August 2019 in Research.

These workshops will demonstrate practical ways to inject creativity in many areas of the Foundation to Year 12 curriculum and area ideal for teachers of English, humanities subjects, IT, media and digital art, among others.

Register now

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March 14, 2019
by creidy

VCE Collaboration Fund

​Funding is available for schools across Victoria to form partnerships that broaden their current VCE subject offerings for rural and regional students.

Round one applications are now open and close on Friday 29 March 2019. Successful school partnerships will be notified in April 2019.

An additional round is scheduled to open later in 2019, with further rounds scheduled in 2020 and 2021 (dates to be confirmed).

Who can apply?

Funding is available to support partnerships between schools from all sectors where at least one school is a government school in a regional or rural area.

New and existing inter-school partnerships are eligible to submit an expression of interest (EOI) provided they demonstrate a capacity to expand VCE subject choice and improve quality beyond the current arrangements.

Funding will be provided to each VCE partnership for up to one year, noting that partnerships are expected to be sustainable beyond the funding period.

Applications from schools involved in more than one partnership will be considered on merit.

 Find out more


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February 28, 2019
by creidy

First Day Teaching Toolkit and Q&A Webinar

The Australian Children’s Television Foundation’s (ACTF) First Day Teaching Toolkit explores themes relevant to the Year 6/7 transition, including values, identity, resilience, friendships, and inclusivity.

First Day (2017) follows main character Hannah as she finishes primary school and begins her secondary schooling. Hannah experiences all the excitement and fear associated with this transition, but her first day of high school is even more significant: it’s the first day she will wear a girl’s uniform to school and go by her chosen name, rather than the boy’s name she was given at birth.

The film is part of the ACTF’s International Day or the Girl Collection of short-films released earlier this year.

First Day Q&A Webinar

Upper primary and secondary students (years 5-9) are invited to participate in a live First Day Q&A Webinar with First Day director Julie Kalceff and movie lead Evie MacDonald, who plays Hannah.

The webinar will be held on Thursday 28 March from 12.00pm – 12.45pm.

There is no cost to participate, but places will be limited. Register now.

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