October 31, 2017
by Jillian Brown


Come to one of the webinars to find out how to better manage your learning and professional development using the Lynda.com resources and features.

Session information
Wednesday 15th November at 3.45pm to 4.30pm, Adobe Connect Webinar:
To register: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/lyndacom-overview-november-session-tickets-39236760206

Monday 4th December at 3.45pm to 4.30pm, Adobe Connect Webinar:
To register: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/lyndacom-overview-december-session-tickets-39237263712

All Victorian government secondary students, all Department teachers and corporate staff have access to this online learning platform that provides anytime, anywhere access to a library of over 209,200 unique videos to develop skills to use software including Office, Adobe, Google, Sibelius, SketchUp, Java, Python, Evernote, WordPress and many more. Lynda.com also provides 5,700 professional learning courses and twelve Learning Paths to support students and teachers to develop their knowledge and skills.

Webinar sessions will cover:

  • 3 tips for success
  • Tips on how to use Lynda.com effectively
  • Keep up to date with technology
  • Build career-boosting business know-how
  • Get immediate, just-in-time answers to questions
  • Mobile access!

The webinars will be hosted on Adobe Connect by Jan Bayliss, who is part of the LinkedIn Lynda.com Customer Success Team. She has supported many Schools, Universities, Corporates, and Government Agencies in their learning growth.

For further information please contact Brooke McNamara: mcnamara.brooke.l@edumail.vic.gov.au


October 30, 2017
by Jillian Brown

Stile – Science Education Software for Years 7 and 8

Webinar Session information:

Stile is being provided to Years 7 and 8 students and their Science teachers in Victorian government schools as part of the Secondary School Software Suite. Stile provides over 70 Science units, each containing a mixture of content delivery, formative assessment, summative assessment, experiments, projects, classroom activities, and STEM career profiles.

This webinar will provide teachers with an overview of what Stile is, how it’s interactive and relevant content can be used to better engage students, and why its platform helps support teachers.

These sessions will be presented by Katrina Don Paul and Andrew Nicholls. Together they have over 15 years of Government school teaching experience and ten years working in the digital education sector. They currently work to support the Stile community of Victorian schools.

For further information contact Brooke McNamara: mcnamara.brooke.l@edumail.vic.gov.au

October 26, 2017
by Jillian Brown

Term Four – ICT Planning Workshops

These full-day workshops walk school leaders and staff through the process of developing a long-term school ICT Plan that:

  • address the learning and teaching goals of the school
  • develop a sustainable ICT plan that meets the needs of the school community
  • ensure a coherent team approach to ICT planning involving school leaders, ICT  co-ordinators, curriculum co-ordinators and technical support staff.

The ICT Planning tool can be accessed via https://www.edustar.vic.edu.au/SIPS (Department credentials required to login).

Flemington: Friday 17th November 2017
Venue: Debney Meadows Primary School
Booking Link: Register here

Blackburn South: Wednesday 22nd November 2017
Venue: Aurora School
Booking Link: Register here

Ballarat: Friday 24th November 2017
Venue: Ballarat Regional Office
Booking Link: Register here

Berwick: Wednesday 29th November 2017
Venue: Jean Russell Centre Nossal High School
Booking Link: Register here

Blackburn South: Friday 8th December 2017
Venue: Aurora School
Booking Link: Register here

Flemington: Friday 8th December 2017
Debney Meadows Primary School
Booking Link:
Register here


October 26, 2017
by Jillian Brown

SOLO Taxonomy in the Classroom

Pam Hook is Back!

Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/solo-taxonomy-in-the-classroom-october-30th-november-1st-2017-tickets-38069151858

Monday 30 October: Grovedale West Primary School, 85 Heyers Rd, Grovedale

Tuesday 31 October: Pakenham Hills Primary School, 15 Kennedy Rd Pakenham

Wednesday 1 November: Windsor Hotel, Spring St Melbourne

SOLO Taxonomy

The SOLO Taxomomy (Biggs & Collis 1982) has provided a valuable vehicle to identify and support deep learning opportunities in many NPDL schools. It has shown the relationship between surface and deep learning and the importance of scaffolding learning for both.

This workshop aims to provide schools with further tools, ideas and practical strategies to help teachers plan and implement the SOLO taxonomy in their classrooms.

Pam Hook is one of the leading advocates for the SOLO taxonomy and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

Register now: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/solo-taxonomy-in-the-classroom-october-30th-november-1st-2017-tickets-38069151858

About Pam Hook

Pam Hook is an experienced consultant in learning and teaching. She uses an innovative classroom based approach to SOLO Taxonomy to help schools in New Zealand, Australia and the UK introduce a common language of learning, and design thinking curricula, to help students learn to learn. Over the past 12 years she has built and supported an extensive global community of educational practitioners using SOLO Taxonomy with their students.

An educational writer and edublogger, Pam has written many publications. She also writes curriculum resources for business and government departments, and advises on the pedagogical design of curriculum materials, interactive games and other (e) learning initiatives. She is well known for her blog Artichoke where she has been reflecting on teaching and learning since 2004, and for her ability to build collaborative online networks with educators using wikis, and other social media such as Twitter .

Between 2003 and 2012 Pam directed and facilitated six different Ministry of Education ICT Professional Development cluster contracts working with over 30 primary and secondary schools implementing the classroom based use of SOLO Taxonomy in (e) learning. She was Programme Director and facilitator for the Ministry of Education Talent Development Initiative The Gifted Edge providing professional development in gifted and talented education to schools across New Zealand.

An engaging and verve filled presenter, Pam is regularly invited to speak at national conferences. Her innovative yet highly practical presentations provoke a rethinking of the conditions of value in teaching and learning.

October 25, 2017
by Jillian Brown

VCAA – Professional learning opportunities and resources

Critical and Creative Thinking – a unique opportunity

Date: Wednesday 1 November
Venue: The Windsor Hotel, Spring Street, Melbourne
Register online for morning session: (8.30am registration) 9.00am–12.00pm
Register online for afternoon session: (12.30pm registration) 1.00–4.00pm

Before registering, you are encouraged to read the Collection Notice.


Are you interested in being challenged by an international expert and specialist classroom teachers in an interactive Critical and Creative Thinking workshop?

The VCAA brings together Professor Bill Lucas from the University of Winchester and the Critical and Creative Thinking Specialist Teachers to offer a challenging interactive workshop. In this unique three-hour session you will traverse the research evidence, the Victorian Curriculum F–10: Critical and Creative Thinking and classroom practices. This workshop is free to attend, and available to all sectors.

The workshop will be offered twice on Wednesday 1 November, so pick the time that suits you best and register online. This workshop is for teachers only, and is suitable for primary and secondary teachers.

Now online – professional learning sessions

Term 4 sessions now available

A new series of professional learning sessions are now available. Starting 24 October, they will cover a wide range of topics for primary and secondary teachers, including curriculum planning and indicative progress.

Language teachers will be interested in the sessions on Wednesday 25 October and Thursday 26 October on assessment practices and new resources for Victorian Curriculum Languages.

You can find the complete series of sessions on the VCAA’s professional learning page.

Before registering, you are encouraged to read the Collection Notice.

Accessing curriculum resources

The VCAA is progressively releasing a range of new resources to support teachers with implementing the Victorian Curriculum.

These resources include curriculum planning templates, example units of work, a sample program, assessment strategies and new indicative progress examples.

New resources in Digital Technologies, Civics and CitizenshipRespectful RelationshipsMathematics, and Languages are now available.

Before registering, you are encouraged to read the Collection Notice.

Specialist Teachers to facilitate an extensive range of workshops in Term 4

The VCAA is offering an extensive program of professional learning workshops for teachers using the Victorian Curriculum F–10 to develop teaching and learning programs. These sessions are facilitated by VCAA Specialist Teachers who focus on the Victorian Curriculum F–10, providing teachers with peer-to-peer learning experiences.

Sessions can be accessed by teachers as:

  • online professional learning workshops
  • face-to-face professional learning workshops (half and full days)
  • face-to-face or online learning organised in response to support from networks and clusters of schools.

For more information, including session dates and times, details of how to register, and how networks and clusters of schools can request support, please visit the Statewide Professional Learning Sessions webpage.

October 24, 2017
by rcrellin

CSER DigiTech Sessions

Teachers have the opportunity to work with Dr Claudia Szabo a member of the CSER Digital Technologies Team on Monday 20 November at Kensington.

This session will provide an introduction to the Year 7&8 Next Steps Making Apps and the Years 9&10 Explore online courses.   These courses are part of the free CSER professional development Project.
The session offers an opportunity to explore, with guidance, Arduino programming and App development as it is introduced in the MOOC. (Massive Open Online Course) and is suitable for Secondary teachers who are responsible for, or interested in implementing the Digital Technologies Curriculum.
  • Morning tea and Lunch provided (please specify requirements on the registration form)
  • Please bring along a laptop and sense of adventure!
  • It is very helpful to have a Google Account (Gmail) and to have joined Google+ prior to the session
Claudia Szabo is an Associate Dean (Diversity and Inclusion) in the Faculty of Engineering Computer and Mathematical Sciences in The University of Adelaide and a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computer Science. She works in the CSER Group at the University of Adelaide where she leads the development of the Year 7&8 Next Steps Making Apps MOOC and its associated lending library and other resources. She has an undergraduate degree in Computer Engineering, and a PhD in distributed systems from the National University of Singapore. She is the 2017 recipient of the South Australian Science Excellence Award – STEM Educator of the Year. She is passionate about STEM education and in particular about ensuring that these educational opportunities are available to all and that career pathways into STEM and accessible to under-represented groups.

For more information please visit our website : https://csermoocs.adelaide.edu.au/


October 19, 2017
by rcrellin

DigiTech and STEM sessions

The VCAA are offering heaps of DigiTech and STEM sessions for free! If you cant get to a face-to-face one, tune into the online ones which run for a hour, generally after school.

Topics include:

  • Digital Systems Curriculum Unplugged (F-6)
  • Visual Programming Languages in the Digital Technologies Curriculum (F-6)
  • Digital devices in the Digital Technologies Curriculum (plugged) (F-6)
  • Introduction to the Digital Technologies Curriculum 7-10
  • Planning and assessment in the Digital Technologies curriculum (7-10)
  • Teaching to the Data and Information strand (F-10)
  • Teaching to the Creating Digital Solutions strand (F-10)
  • Teaching to the Digital Systems strand (F-10)
  • Digital Technologies: Evaluation of 2017 and planning for 2018 (F-10)
  • STEM in the Victorian Curriculum F-10
  • Simple circuits in the Victorian Curriculum F-10
  • Drones in the Victorian Curriculum F-10
  • What do marble runs and mini golf have to do with STEM in the primary years?
  • STEM in the Victorian Curriculum F-10 (Level 7 – 10)

Find out more and register at: http://www.vcaa.vic.edu.au/Pages/foundation10/viccurriculum/viccur-proflearn-specialists.aspx

October 18, 2017
by Jillian Brown

Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge

August 17- November 17, 2017

Are you up to the CHALLENGE of creating the VICTORIAN CYBER GENERATION? 

Minister Dalidakis, Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade, recently announced a ‘Call to Action’ for all Victorian schools and tertiary institutions to register students and complete the Cyber Security Experience. The Victorian Government will award the Victorian schools and tertiary institutions with the highest rate of participation.

Student and teachers can get involved, win prizes and importantly build their confidence with Cyber security skills linked to innovation and technology.

Go to the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge www.dayofstem.com.au/cybervic.html and sign up today to be part of this important initiative offering teachers online free professional development and students’ new understanding and skills in Cyber.

Excited about the Victoria Schools Challenge and want your school involved?
Renee Hoareau, an education specialist, can assist schools with in-class, co-curricular activities, professional learning or online support. Contact Renee at renee@lifejourney.us


Get involved in the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge Webinar

Thursday 19 October 4:00pm to 5:00pm 
Presenter: Renee Hoareau
Adobe Connect session https://connect.vic.edu.au/cybervicschoolschallenge/

Register NOW at https://goo.gl/xqv2eQ

The Minister for Innovation, Small Business and Trade, the Hon Phillip Dalidakis has a Call to Action to all Victorian schools to participate in the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge. Renee Hoareau will introduce the Challenge and how schools can enrich their STEM curriculum.

  • what, why and how of the 2017 Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge to get your school involved
  • how students participate, what students learn
  • about the free teacher resources
  • how teachers can access free online professional learning gaining a certificate in the Fundamentals of Cyber
  • how to win student and teacher awards prizes

Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge – Optus Cyber Security Experience Webinar

Tuesday 24 October 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Presenter: Renee Hoareau
Adobe Connect session https://connect.vic.edu.au/cybervicschoolschallenge2/

Register NOW at https://goo.gl/83vvrg

The Optus Cyber Security Challenge is the main learning activity for students and teachers in the Cyber Victoria Schools Challenge. Renee will introduce student and teacher components of the Day of STEM Program 4.

  • Students
    Learn about me
    Build a Cyber Resume
    Explore Cyber Security mentor journeys
    Field Trips
    Beyond the Optus Cyber Security Experience
  • Teachers
    Teacher Dashboard
    Teacher’s student experience of the Optus Cyber Security Experience
    Student Challenges
    Explore Cyber Security mentors journeys
    Steve Morrill, Cyber Teacher Mentor journey
    Field Trips
    Cyber Teacher
    Cyber teaching resources and links to interdisciplinary learning activities
    CompTIA fundamentals in Cyber online course
    STEM enrichment activities using Cyber as a theme


October 16, 2017
by Jillian Brown

Carrum PS DigiTech Conference 2017

Carrum PS Digitech Conference 2017:  ‘A Student Showcase’
Thursday 9th November 
Carrum Primary School, Walkers Road, Carrum Victoria.

The Digitech Conference 2017 will be a day of dynamic exploration and discovery for students and teachers.
Digitech Conference 2017 is a FREE event for schools, developed by the Northern Peninsula Digital Technology Teachers Network.

This Conference is designed as an interactive program for students and teachers.

Students and Teachers will:

  • Discover and Experience Microsoft HoloLens with Trent Ray (Microsoft Learning Consultant)
  • Explore self-guided game making with Code Camp
  • Experience ‘hands on’ activities using a wide selection of Robotics and 3D Printers supplied by Modern Teaching Aids
  • Experience ‘hands on’ action in a variety of workshops conducted by Students, showcasing great Digitech activities. Workshop sessions include: Mindstorms EV3 programming, Scratch Gaming Arcade, Sphero Programming, mBot Programming, RoboCup Junior (robot dancing), Blue-Bots (programming by Prep Students), Micro: bit programming, Raspberry Pi demonstrations, Augmented Reality with Aurasma, App Making with Code.Org, Explain Everything App creation, Restart Project: re-cycling RC Cars & Laptops, Create Virtual School Tours with Google My Maps, Drone programming, Touch Cast (video making with Green Screen), LittleBits electronic experiments, and many more!

To register your school for the Conference, please email: digitechconference@carrumps.vic.edu.au

Please include your school name, names of teachers and students who would like to attend.

General Information:

  • Conference Registration is between 8.50am – 9.15am
  • Conference Program will run from 9.15am – 2.45pm
  • Students and staff to BYO lunch and snacks

For more information, please contact Marcus Mulcahy at Carrum Primary School on mulcahy.marcus.j@edumail.vc.gov.au or phone 9772 1117.



October 13, 2017
by Jillian Brown

Education in Games Summit

Make digital a cornerstone of your classroom practice

Join expert educators at ACMI for the Education in Games Summit 2017
27 October 2017

Tickets are selling fast so, don’t miss out.

Book now for #EiGS17


The summit: $150 per participant

Early birds: First 50 tickets sold also receive a day pass to PAX on Saturday 28 October

Special: Bring 4 teachers for the price of 3 – $450

Bookings:  http://tickets.acmi.net.au/auxiliary/PSDetail.aspx?psn=31387&promo=screeneducationonline

The Education in Games Summit (#EiGS17) showcases best practice implementation of games and their positive impact on student learning. Exploring, understanding, critiquing and making games provides students powerful skills and capabilities to take them into the future. The summit aims to empower teachers to inspire students to navigate and develop greater learning challenges.

Keynote speaker Eric Jordan (CEO of Codename Entertainment)  kicks off the day demonstrating how profoundly applicable game development skills are right across the modern jobs market. He’ll be followed by a program of practical sessions and talks. For the full program click on https://www.acmi.net.au/eigs17

#EiGS17 is created by ACMI, Creative Victoria and the Department of Education and Training, as part of Melbourne International Games Week alongside a range of activities highlighting and advancing Melbourne’s vibrant video games culture and its internationally renowned games development industry.

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