Joining Adobe Connect Online Sessions

DET has recently migrated to Adobe Connect as a provider for virtual conferencing.  This platform offers many new features that provide new ways in which to connect.

Interest in Adobe Connect has been overwhelmingly positive and Brooke from the Digital Learning and STEM branch team has been investigating ways in which to best support uptake.

Below is a message from Brooke for those interested in joining the Adobe Connect Sessions or may have missed a place due to the incredible interest in bookings.


Thank you for your interest in the Adobe Connect Online Sessions. My apologies that signing up for these sessions has been quite difficult! These sessions have been very popular and were booked out within the first day of the registration being opened. So while this has been bit of a logistical nightmare it really is a great problem to have and has forced us to make some adjustments to the program.

Beginner level

After attending and receiving feedback on the first session I have realised that the level of this course is beginner. It is a great introduction for people new to web conferencing and would like a thorough introduction to Adobe Connect. If you are at this level and would like to attend these sessions please indicate the course you would like to attend:

Course 2

Session 1: Monday 17 August

Session 2: Monday 4 August

Course 3:

Session 1: Wednesday 19 August

Session 2: Wednesday 26 August

Only 10 participants can attend these courses (those already registered get preference).

2 more of these courses will be run in the next couple of months so if these dates don’t suit let me know if you would like to be on the waiting list and I’ll contact you when we have the new dates confirmed.

Advanced level

These sessions are targeted for experienced users of Adobe Connect or the previous Blackboard Collaborate (BBC) platform.  Content will be directed at understanding the structure and functionality of AC and how this may be better utilised to produce more effective online synchronous meetings or sessions. These sessions are not intended for first time users however there is no restriction on participation. There will be a recording to be viewed prior to the session to outline lower order procedures including the similarities between AC and BBC to allow for higher order discussion and questions during the session.  Input will be encouraged and welcomed from participants who have used the platform and have strategies or identified issues to share.

Session times:

1.      Tuesday 11th August – 3:45pm

2.      Tuesday 18th August – 3:45pm

3.      Thursday 20th August – 3:45pm

4.      Tuesday 25th August – 3:45pm

Duration: Sessions will not extend past 5:00pm

There is no limit to participant numbers for these sessions but let me know which one you would like to attend so I can register your interest and send you the information for the session.

Sessions will facilitated by Gary Schultz – Digital Learning and STEM Branch – DET.

Please let me know by reply email which sessions you would like to attend, preferably by the end of next Wednesday 5th August so I can make sure everyone has the chance to attend training. Also if you are not interested in any of these sessions please let me know and I’ll stop emailing you about them.

Thanks again for your interest in Adobe Connect and patience.


Brooke McNamara | Senior Project Officer | Digital Learning and STEM Branch
Secondary Reform, Transitions and Priority Cohorts Division
Department of Education and Training

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