Implementing the Digital Technologies Curriculum in the Primary School

technology-662833_640The Upcoming Digital Technologies curriculum is an exciting and challenging prospect.  It identifies key skills and concepts that learners will develop throughout their time at school from the foundation level up.  Many teachers will be learning this alongside their students.  Below is a professional learning opportunity that is designed to give teachers a head start and provide valuable information and resources in implementing the Digital Technologies curriculum in schools and the classroom.

Implementing the Digital Technologies Curriculum in the Primary School

When: Tuesday 25th August 2015

Time: 5:30pm to 7pm

Cost: free


  • Laura Barker, Technology and Learning Coordinator K-12, Fintona Girls’ School
Penny Rowe, Senior Project Officer, Digital Learning & STEM Branch, Department of Education and Training.
Mark Richardson, Professional Learning Manager, DLTV

 In this session you will, find out how you and your school can begin to implement the Digital Technologies curriculum. This curriculum is ready for school use and is available on the ACARA website. It should appear on the AusVELS website later this year.

The session will be divided into three parts.

  1. An introduction to the Digi Tech curriculum. What are its components? How can you approach curriculum planning? Where can you start? What needs to be taught stand alone? What can be integrated into existing programs?
  2. A case study of how one primary school is approaching the Digi Tech curriculum. Where did it start? What were some “quick wins”? What directions will the school take as it leads to full integration.
  3. Resources to teach the Digi Tech curriculum. What resources are readily available on the internet? What is the easiest way to find them? How can use them to make great DigiTech lessons?

Register for this session to get a head start on Digital Technologies implementation in your primary school.

To attend register on the DLTV event page, using the link below:

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