Breaking Barriers Webinar: Encouraging Young Women into STEM Careers

The Australian National Committee for UN Women and Avanade have partnered to create the Breaking Barriers Webinar, which aims to encourage young women, in late high school or university, to pursue careers in STEM fields.STEM

The Breaking Barriers Webinar will provide information on STEM pathways, share evidence about women’s representation in non-traditional careers, and explain how exclusion from diverse career opportunities can contribute to the pay gap experienced by many working women.

There are many exciting ways in which schools can get involved, including:

    • encouraging female students to register for the webinar
    • notifying parents about the webinar (note: the webinar is scheduled for Term break)


The Breaking Barriers Webinar will be held 10:00-11:30am, Tuesday 5 April 2016.



To learn more and to register, visit



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