DET ICT Planning Workshops for School Leaders

Term Three Workshops, 2016

Run by the DET Learning and Teaching Branch and the Information Technology Division, these full-day workshops walk school leaders through the process of developing a long-term school ICT Plan that:

  • addresses the learning and teaching goals of the school
  • develops a sustainable ICT plan that meets the needs of the school community
  • ensures a coherent team approach to ICT planning involving school leaders, ICT  co-ordinators, curriculum co-ordinators and technical support staff.

ICT Planning Tool

The basis of the day involves stepping participants through the DET online ICT Planning Tool that allows the school to produce a customised ICT Plan that brings together SIPS data, the school curriculum goals and budgetary considerations.

Principals, Learning Technologies Coordinators and Specialist technicians can access the tool using the link below: (Department credentials required to login)


Who Should Attend?

This is a workshop for school leaders. It may involve ICT or Curriculum co-ordinators or classroom teachers involved in their schools’ ICT planning. It is recommended that you have two to three attendees from your school, and it is highly recommended that one attendee is your Specialist Technician to help with technical details.  Please note that your Specialist Technician may need a visitation schedule alteration and will require to log the hours against your school’s allocation. If there are any queries or concerns regarding this please contact your Service Delivery Manager.

Benefits of attending an ICT Planning Workshop?

View the short video below where school leaders who attended ICT Planning Workshops last year talk about the benefits of the workshop day and the online ICT Planning Tool:

Term three 2016 – ICT Planning Workshops

Flemington: 12th August 2016
Venue: Debney Meadows Primary School, Flemington

Wangaratta: 19th August 2016
Venue: Wangaratta High School, Wangaratta

Blackburn South: 23rd August 2016
Venue: Aurora School, Blackburn South

Moe: 25th August 2016
Venue: Moe Regional Office, Moe

Mildura: 31st August 2016
Venue: Ranfurly Primary School, Mildura

Blackburn South: 2nd September 2016
Venue: Aurora School, Blackburn South

Lakes Entrance: 7th September 2016
Venue: Lakes Entrance Secondary College, Lakes Entrance

Flemington: 9th September 2016
Venue: Debney Meadows Primary School, Flemington

Frankston: 13th September 2016
Venue: Neville Rohan Centre, Mount Erin College, Frankston

Flemington: 14th September 2016
Venue: Debney Meadows Primary School, Flemington


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