Visit a school exploring ‘New Pedagogies for Deep Learning’

You are invited to attend a ‘school visit’ to a school exploring New Pedagogies for Deep Learning.

New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) is a global partnership aiming to implement deep learning goals across whole education systems that are enabled by new pedagogies and accelerated by technology.

Global education stakeholders and their business partners work together to address a key education challenge: How can we mobilise and foster new pedagogies for deep learning in schools and leverage the power of digital technologies?

Through the partnership, students from 10 countries across the globe are engaged in deeper level learning and developing the skills to be lifelong learners, creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers who can successfully participate and innovate in our increasingly interconnected world. More…

Please register from the links below.

Canterbury Primary School: Wednesday 29th March 10.00-11.00  

Visit the Canterbury Comic Con and see how students have been inspired by comics and superheroes and what we can learn from them

The CPS Comic Con (Convention) will be a chance for students to display their work in classrooms, to run activities and to of course explore the idea of being a superhero.

Torquay College & Surf Coast Secondary College: Monday 24th April

Torquay College (P-6) 9.00 – 11.45 am with morning tea

Torquay College uses a contemporary inquiry-based learning approach to engage students. Come and see inquiry learning in action in Torquay College’s rich learning environments that include a purpose built Environment Centre with aviary and wetlands, a student managed cafe, an edible garden and chicken house

Surf Coast Secondary College 12-3pm with light lunch

Come and learn about how the College uses technology to create a high level of differentiation for their students. You will also see the flexible learning spaces that the staff and students utilise to enable targeted teaching and flexible groupings to occur in their Middle Years FUSE program.

Clayton North Primary School: Tuesday 2nd May 9.15-11.30am

Join us to explore how Clayton North PS provides a dynamic learning environment that develops future, courageous leaders of a sustainable and global society.

The school boasts a sustainable garden and maker space and a student run FMK cafe on site.

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