Research launch pad for teachers


The State Library of Victoria’s Research Launch Pad for teachers is a free online, self-paced module which takes approximately 90 minutes to complete. It is designed to assist teachers in structuring research tasks in the classroom.

The module guides teachers through the research process offering strategies to explicitly teach students how to define their task, locate information, select resources, organise their notes, present ideas and evaluate their work.

Teachers will find a wealth of classroom resources which can be revisited even after the module has been completed.

The State Library of Victoria’s education team have included lots of short videos to demonstrate how to approach different tasks. Although this PD was designed to complement the Research Launch Pad program for year 7 students, any teacher or teacher Librarian is eligible to apply for free registration.

Both the student program and Teacher Professional learning module have been made possible through a generous philanthropic donation.

Being able to track who completes the teacher modules enables the State Library team to understand the reach of this resource and through completion of a short survey, understand potential  impact on student learning. To request a unique log in password please register at

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