The DigiTech Curriculum for students with diverse learning needs

9:40 AM – 3:00 PM, 4 Sep 2017
Coder Academy, Level 13, 120 Swanston Street

This workshop is for mainstream and special educators who have students working at a primary academic level. This workshop will explore the requirements and challenges of implementing the Digital Technologies Curriculum for students with learning difficulties. Clark Burt of Ashwood School will unpack the curriculum and demonstrate how teachers can adapt it to their contexts. Then he will demonstrate examples of incorporating ICT and games into lessons for diverse classrooms.

Matthew Harrison of Waratah SDS will explore the 21st Century Skills framework developed to address modern workforce needs, with an emphasis on the opportunities and challenges for students with disabilities. He will lead a practical workshop on how to develop these skills in inclusive spaces using digital tools such as robotics, collaborative games and social media.

Educators looking to address the VIT requirement relating to learners with a disability should attend.  This workshop addresses the AITSL standards relating to differentiation (1.5) and strategies to support full participation of students with disability (1.6).

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