SOLO Taxonomy in the Classroom

Pam Hook is Back!

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Monday 30 October: Grovedale West Primary School, 85 Heyers Rd, Grovedale

Tuesday 31 October: Pakenham Hills Primary School, 15 Kennedy Rd Pakenham

Wednesday 1 November: Windsor Hotel, Spring St Melbourne

SOLO Taxonomy

The SOLO Taxomomy (Biggs & Collis 1982) has provided a valuable vehicle to identify and support deep learning opportunities in many NPDL schools. It has shown the relationship between surface and deep learning and the importance of scaffolding learning for both.

This workshop aims to provide schools with further tools, ideas and practical strategies to help teachers plan and implement the SOLO taxonomy in their classrooms.

Pam Hook is one of the leading advocates for the SOLO taxonomy and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

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About Pam Hook

Pam Hook is an experienced consultant in learning and teaching. She uses an innovative classroom based approach to SOLO Taxonomy to help schools in New Zealand, Australia and the UK introduce a common language of learning, and design thinking curricula, to help students learn to learn. Over the past 12 years she has built and supported an extensive global community of educational practitioners using SOLO Taxonomy with their students.

An educational writer and edublogger, Pam has written many publications. She also writes curriculum resources for business and government departments, and advises on the pedagogical design of curriculum materials, interactive games and other (e) learning initiatives. She is well known for her blog Artichoke where she has been reflecting on teaching and learning since 2004, and for her ability to build collaborative online networks with educators using wikis, and other social media such as Twitter .

Between 2003 and 2012 Pam directed and facilitated six different Ministry of Education ICT Professional Development cluster contracts working with over 30 primary and secondary schools implementing the classroom based use of SOLO Taxonomy in (e) learning. She was Programme Director and facilitator for the Ministry of Education Talent Development Initiative The Gifted Edge providing professional development in gifted and talented education to schools across New Zealand.

An engaging and verve filled presenter, Pam is regularly invited to speak at national conferences. Her innovative yet highly practical presentations provoke a rethinking of the conditions of value in teaching and learning.

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