Stile – Science Education Software for Years 7 and 8

Webinar Session information:

Stile is being provided to Years 7 and 8 students and their Science teachers in Victorian government schools as part of the Secondary School Software Suite. Stile provides over 70 Science units, each containing a mixture of content delivery, formative assessment, summative assessment, experiments, projects, classroom activities, and STEM career profiles.

This webinar will provide teachers with an overview of what Stile is, how it’s interactive and relevant content can be used to better engage students, and why its platform helps support teachers.

These sessions will be presented by Katrina Don Paul and Andrew Nicholls. Together they have over 15 years of Government school teaching experience and ten years working in the digital education sector. They currently work to support the Stile community of Victorian schools.

For further information contact Brooke McNamara:

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