STEM Education Conference, Wodonga – Wednesday 13th December

Last chance to register for this professional learning opportunity next week.

When: Wednesday 13th December, 2017 from 9.00am to 3.30pm

Where: Wodonga Senior Secondary College, 80 Brockley Street, Wodonga

More information:

Who should attend? This conference is targeted at teachers of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Cost: $70 per person. This includes morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea.

Program:  The program features 60 minute workshops, networking, and plenary sessions, including:

  • Primary STEM – why is it important at your school, and how can it be assessed? Maria James, Science Curriculum Manager, VCAA.
  • Secondary STEM – why is it important at your school, and how can it be assessed? Maria James, Science Curriculum Manager, VCAA.
  • Digital Technologies: Unpacking the Curriculum. Owen Brasier, Computing Education Specialist, Australian Computing Academy.
  • Using Games, Simulations and Analogue Models to Demonstrate Nanoscopic and Digital Processes. Dr. Dianne Ruka, Senior Education & Training Coordinator, ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies
  • Interactive Notebooks in Maths and Science. Sarah Laidlaw, Wodonga Middle Years College.
  • Getting STEAMD – Bringing Art and design into STEM! Patricia Broom, Principal, Beechworth Secondary College.
  • Supranature – Where STEM meets Montessori. Laureen Barnard, Beechworth Secondary College.
  • Breakout EDU: Utilise the new Breakout Room craze to gamify your classroom. Valerie Ratcliff, Victory Lutheran College Wodonga
  • Putting the S back into STEM/STEAM. Doug Bail, Ciderhouse.
  • Mathematica: Beyond Computation. Rohan Barry and Ian Berryman, Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
  • Block-based programming for classroom robotics: Drones, Spheros, Ozobots. Brendan Freeman, Baranduda Primary School.
  • Bringing STEM to the zombie apocalypse. Stephen Alderton and Kate O’Neil, Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
  • Simple Circuits in the Victorian Curriculum. Britt Gow, Hawkesdale P-12 College.
  • Introduction to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Britt Gow, Hawkesdale P-12 College.
  • STEM Beyond the Acronym. Michelle Heintze, Wodonga Senior Secondary College.
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality in STEM education, Katrina Don Paul and Natasha Leske, Stile Education
  • Maths in the yard, Michael Hosking, Wodonga Middle Years College

Registration:  Register your attendance via the website as soon as possible to secure your place.


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