Digitech Conference 2019 – A Student Showcase

The Digitech Conference will be held on Friday 8 November at Carrum Primary School. This Conference is designed as an interactive “kids teaching kids” program for students and teachers. Each school can send 1-2 teachers and between 4-8 students.

At Digitech 2019, students and teachers will:

  • be inspired by Student Keynote Addresses on App & Game Development
  •  experience ‘hands on’ action in a variety of workshops conducted by students, showcasing great Digitech activities. Workshop sessions include: Drone Programming, Swift Playgrounds, Ozobots, Scratch Gaming, Microbit action, Game Maker, Airblock, VEX Robots, Mindstorms EV3 programming, Sphero Chariot Races, Derby Track vehicle construction, Augmented Reality Workshops, Minecraft in Education – City X Project, App Lab – App Making, Animation Making in Animation Desk, 3D Designing in Sketch Up, Green Screen, Podcasting ‘How To’, Internet Radio Broadcasting, Makerspace Arcade and many more!
  • access teacher PD hosted by Apple on ‘Coding & App Dev on iPads’ and ‘VR & AR in the Classroom’.

There are two student competitions (with prizes!):

  •  ‘Robots Alive’: Program a robot to dance in a 1.5m x 1.5m space for 1 minute
  •  ‘Design A Game’: Code a playable game using SCRATCH, Minecraft or any other game code builder.

Digitech Conference 2019 is a FREE event for schools, developed by the Northern Peninsula Digital Technology Teacher & Student Network.

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Author: rcrellin

Senior Program Officer, Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

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