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Last term one of our colleagues attended a presentation by Jeffrey Brand from Bond University in Queensland titled ‘Digital Australia 2016’, DigitalAustralia2016a presentation focussing on an industry report about the state of interactive media in Australia with a focus on demographics, play habits, behaviours and attitudes. Of particular interest was the statistics around game playing in Australia. The report identifies some key findings including:

  • Games provide a transformational media – hand/head/heart
  • It is an immersive experience
  • 5% or less of the population are addicted to games
  • Parents are afraid of games because they don’t understand the medium
  • Games provide parents the opportunities to start discussions with their children.
  • Today’s entertainment is tomorrow’s economic literacy – why STEM and digital literacy is so important!

To check out Jeffrey Brand’s presentation, resources and the full report follow the link


A gameful world It’s interesting to reflect on this presentation as we prepare for the Games in Education Summit 2015 at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre this Thursday, 29th October. The Summit will explore the links to learning and teaching in Victorian classrooms and the resources available to teachers. With contributions from the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, Department of Education and Training, the Game Developers Association of Australia, Google, Intel, Microsoft and Unity, the Summit will cover:

  • A snapshot of the game development industry in Victoria and internationally, and its importance to the digital economy
  • The broad range of creative careers open to Victorian students
  • The stories behind successful game developers and the impact they are making here in Victoria and internationally
  • The growth in serious games and gamification to solve real world challenges
  • A Curriculum Panel discussion looking at the clear links to the Digital Technologies curriculum and STEM in both primary & secondary schools
  • 12 workshops presented by classroom teachers, game developers and academics showcasing how game development, game playing, serious games and gamification are being used in the classroom
  • An overview of the resources and support available to teachers.

It’s not too late to register for this event. Register here

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